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Ghost Ranch - Where O'Keeffe lived priort to buying her house in Abiquiu.  Now owned by The Presbyterian Church (USA) as an education and retreat center.  It is possible to stay at the ranch .  And they arrnage O'Keeffe Landscape Tours, but only outside winter so starting Mid March.  See their website for details.  As well as a tours they also host the Ruth Hall Museum of Paleontology and the Florence Hawley Ellis Museum of Anthropology

Georgiea O'Keefe Home - Now a private museum with entry and tours by arrangement only.  Not the Museum which is in Santa Fe, but her actual house which is a Spanish colonical era 5,000 foot building she bought in 1945 and renovated over three years.  She lived there from 1949 to 1984.  See website for details and bookings.  You cannot just turn up be sure to join a tour, booking in advance is required.

Village of Abiquiu - Most people miss the village of Abiquiu itself as it is not on the main road, but rather seems to be hidden almost deliberately.  Make sure you go at least as far as the village church to see some classical adobe architecture.

Christ of the Desert Monastery - the church and garden are open to the public from 9 until 5 every day. website

Plaza Blanca Guide - How To Get Here - Unofficial guide.  Not associated in any way with the Dar Al Islam Center or Georgia O'Keeffe's estate